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NOC 9431 Sawmill machine operators

Example Titles
Automatic edger operator – sawmill
Block splitter – sawmill
Board sawyer – sawmill
Bolt sawyer – sawmill
Bolterman/woman – sawmill
Canter operator – sawmill
Chip reclaim operator – sawmill
Chip-N-Saw operator – sawmill
Circular saw operator
Circular saw operator – sawmill
Cut-off saw operator – sawmill
Drag saw operator – sawmill
Edger – sawmill
Edgerman/woman – sawmill
Gang sawyer – sawmill
Head sawyer
Head sawyer – sawmill
Headrig operator – sawmill
Head-saw operator – sawmill
High-speed stud operator – sawmill
Jumbo operator – sawmill
Log cut-off operator
Log cut-off operator – sawmill
Log cut-off sawyer – sawmill
Log gang saw operator – sawmill
Log gang sawyer – sawmill
Log haul cut-off saw operator – sawmill
Log hoist operator – sawmill
Lumber sizer operator – sawmill
Machine splitter – sawmill
Planer – sawmill
Planer mill machine operator
Planer operator
Planer operator – sawmill
Planerman/woman – sawmill
Resaw operator
Resaw operator – sawmill
Resawyer – sawmill
Ripsaw operator – sawmill
Saw operator – sawmill
Sawdust reclaim operator – sawmill
Sawing machine operator – sawmill
Sawmill machine operator
Sawyer – sawmill
Scrag-saw operator – sawmill
Shake maker
Shake sawyer
Shake sawyer – sawmill
Shake splitter
Shingle cutter
Shingle cutter – sawmill
Shingle maker
Shingle sawyer
Slab saw operator
Slasher operator – sawmill
Slasher saw operator – sawmill
Slasher trim operator – sawmill
Splitter – sawmill
Splitter operator – sawmill
Stave bolt saw operator
Stave bolt sawyer – sawmill
Tilt-hoist operator – sawmill
Timber cut-off sawyer – sawmill
Transfer operator – sawmill
Trim saw operator – sawmill
Trim sawyer – sawmill
Trimmer operator – sawmill
Trimmer tender – sawmill
Trimmerman/woman – sawmill
Trimming machine operator – sawmill
Trimming machine tender – sawmill

Lead statement
Sawmill machine operators operate, monitor and control automated lumbermill equipment to saw timber logs into rough lumber; saw, trim and plane rough lumber into dressed lumber of various sizes; and saw or split shingles and shakes. They are employed in sawmills and planing mills.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Operate front-end loaders and stationary deck cranes to feed logs into the sawmill
Examine logs and rough lumber to determine size, condition, quality and other characteristics to decide best lumber cuts to carry out, or use automated equipment to convey logs through laser scanners which determine the most productive and profitable cutting patterns
Operate automated lumbermill equipment from control rooms or consoles to saw logs into rough lumber; saw, trim and plane rough lumber into dressed lumber of various sizes; and saw or split shingles and shakes
Start conveyor system to move logs and lumber to and from saws
Set up and adjust saw equipment and replace blades or bands using wrenches, gauges and other hand tools
Operate equipment to sort and stack lumber by length and thickness, move stacks to storage areas or drying kilns, and feed lumber through planers
Monitor movement of lumber and computer screens to ensure cuts are made according to specifications, and print production reports
Clean and lubricate sawmill equipment.

Source: Canada website