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NOC 8232 Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers

Example Titles
Assistant driller – offshore drilling rig
Assistant driller – oil and gas well drilling
Coring operator – oil field services
Directional driller – oil and gas drilling
Directional drilling operator
Directional drilling operator – oil and gas drilling
Downhole tool operator
Downhole tool operator – oil and gas drilling
Drill stem tester
Drill stem tester – oil and gas drilling
Driller – offshore drilling rig
Driller – oil and gas drilling
Electric line operator
Electric line operator – oil field services
E-line operator – oil field services
Fishing tool operator – oil field services
Gas tester – oil field services
Gun perforator – oil field services
Hydrocarbon mud logger – oil field services
Logging and perforating operator
Logging and perforating operator – oil field services
Offshore driller – oil and gas
Oil well perforator
Production testing operator – oil and gas well drilling
Rig technician – driller
Service rig operator
Service rig operator – oil field services
Sidewall core sampler – oil field services
Slickline operator
Slickline operator – oil field services
Well puller – oil field services
Well testing operator
Well testing operator – oil and gas drilling
Wireline operator
Wireline operator – oil field services
Wireline operator trainee
Workover rig operator – oil field services

Lead statement
Oil and gas well drillers and well servicers control the operation of drilling and hoisting equipment on drilling and service rigs, and direct the activities of the rig crew under supervision of the rig manager. Oil and gas well loggers, testers and related workers operate specialized mechanical or electronic equipment, tools or instruments to provide services in conjunction with well drilling, completion or servicing. Workers in this unit group are employed by drilling and well service contractors, petroleum producing companies and well logging or testing companies.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Oil and gas well drillers and well servicers

Direct rig crew in setting up rigs and drilling, completing or servicing oil and gas exploration and producing wells
Operate controls of drill or service rig drilling and hoisting machinery
Train or arrange for training of crew
Maintain records of drilling and servicing operations
Ensure safety procedures are followed.

Oil and gas well loggers, testers and related workers

Drive well service or wireline truck to well site
Assemble and attach equipment, tools or recorders to drill stem or wireline to conduct required procedures and tests
Operate or direct the operation of wireline or unit controls to lower, position and retrieve equipment and instruments
Operate recorders and computers in mobile testing or logging unit to collect data
May perform limited data interpretation.

Source: Canada website