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NOC 7301 Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades

Example Titles
air conditioning and refrigeration contractor
air conditioning and refrigeration foreman/woman
air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic foreman/woman
air conditioning contractor
air conditioning mechanics foreman/woman
aircraft engine assemblers foreman/woman
aircraft engine assembly foreman/woman
aircraft engine fitters foreman/woman
aircraft engine overhaul foreman/woman
aircraft engine repair foreman/woman
aircraft hydraulics repair shop foreman/woman
aircraft maintenance chief
aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) chief
aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) supervisor
aircraft maintenance mechanics foreman/woman – aircraft mechanical systems
aircraft maintenance service supervisor
aircraft maintenance supervisor – aircraft mechanical systems
aircraft mechanical systems maintenance service supervisor
aircraft mechanical systems maintenance supervisor
aircraft mechanical systems mechanics foreman/woman
aircraft mechanics and inspectors foreman/woman
aircraft mechanics and inspectors foreman/woman – mechanical systems
aircraft mechanics and repairers foreman/woman – mechanical systems
aircraft mechanics foreman/woman
aircraft propeller repair foreman/woman
aircraft servicing foreman/woman
aircraft servicing supervisor
appliance repair contractor
appliance repair shop foreman/woman
appliance repair shop supervisor
assembly mechanics foreman/woman
automobile mechanics foreman/woman
automotive body repair foreman/woman
automotive body repair shop supervisor
automotive body shop foreman/woman
automotive body shop supervisor
automotive engine repair foreman/woman
automotive repair and service shop supervisor
automotive service mechanics foreman/woman
automotive service mechanics supervisor
automotive testing shop supervisor
boat engine repair foreman/woman
body shop foreman/woman
body shop supervisor
bus and truck repair foreman/woman
carhouse supervisor – railway transportation
chief aircraft maintenance engineer (AME)
crew chief – aircraft maintenance
electric motor repair foreman/woman
electric motor shop foreman/woman
electrical appliance repair shop supervisor
electrical mechanics foreman/woman
electromechanical foreman/woman
electromechanical technicians foreman/woman
elevator construction foreman/woman
elevator constructors foreman/woman
elevator mechanic foreman/woman
elevators maintenance service supervisor
engine overhaul foreman/woman
farm equipment repair foreman/woman
furnace installers foreman/woman
garage supervisor
ground crew foreman/woman – aircraft maintenance
heating and air conditioning contractor
heating and air conditioning systems contractor
heating system installation and repair contractor
heating systems contractor
heating systems mechanics foreman/woman
heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanics foreman/woman
heavy agricultural machinery assembly foreman/woman
heavy construction equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy equipment mechanic foreman/woman
heavy equipment mechanics supervisor
heavy farm equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy machinery assembly foreman/woman
helicopter maintenance foreman/woman – mechanical systems
household appliance repair shop foreman/woman
hydraulic unit repair shop foreman/woman
industrial machinery assembly foreman/woman
industrial machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
industrial machinery mechanics foreman/woman
industrial mechanics foreman/woman
industrial mechanics supervisor
industrial, farm and construction machinery mechanics and repairers foreman/woman
locomotive erecting shop foreman/woman
locomotive inspectors foreman/woman
machine builders foreman/woman
machine fitters foreman/woman
machine fitters supervisor
machine maintenance foreman/woman – manufacturing
machinery assembly foreman/woman
machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
manufacturing machinery assembly foreman/woman
marine service foreman/woman – engine repair
mechanical equipment repair inspection foreman/woman
mechanical equipment repair inspectors foreman/woman
mechanical inspectors foreman/woman
mechanical maintenance foreman/woman – utilities
mechanical maintenance supervisor
mechanical maintenance supervisor – manufacturing
mechanics foreman/woman
metal and woodworking machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
meter shop foreman/woman
millwright foreman/woman
motor vehicle body repairers foreman/woman
motor vehicle engine repair foreman/woman
motor vehicle mechanics and repairers foreman/woman
motor vehicle mechanics foreman/woman
motor vehicle mechanics supervisor
motor vehicle repair shop foreman/woman
motor vehicle repair shop supervisor
motorcycle mechanics foreman/woman
office machine repairers foreman/woman
oil burner installation foreman/woman
oil burner mechanics foreman/woman
printer repairers foreman/woman
printing machine mechanics foreman/woman
printing machine repair foreman/woman
printing machine repairers foreman/woman
printing press and machine mechanics foreman/woman
processing and packaging equipment maintenance foreman/woman
processing and packaging equipment maintenance supervisor
production equipment maintenance mechanic supervisor
production machinery maintenance foreman/woman
production machinery maintenance mechanic supervisor
production machinery maintenance mechanics foreman/woman
propeller repair foreman/woman
rail transport equipment repair foreman/woman
rail transport equipment repairers foreman/woman
railway car inspection foreman/woman
railway car inspectors foreman/woman
railway car maintenance foreman/woman
railway car maintenance supervisor
railway car repair foreman/woman
railway car repairer foreman/woman
railway car repairer supervisor
railway equipment department supervisor
railway equipment maintenance inspectors foreman/woman
railway rolling stock assembly foreman/woman
railway rolling stock manufacturing foreman/woman
refrigeration contractor
refrigeration foreman/woman
refrigeration mechanics foreman/woman
roundhouse foreman/woman – railway
small engine repair foreman/woman
small-engine repair shop foreman/woman
small-engine repair shop supervisor
small-equipment repair shop supervisor
small-machines repair shop supervisor
textile machine mechanics foreman/woman
textile machine mechanics supervisor
textile machinery assembly foreman/woman
transformer repair shop foreman/woman
turbine assembly foreman/woman
wheel shop foreman/woman – railway equipment

Lead statement
This unit group includes heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, millwrighting and elevator and other equipment installation and mechanic trades contractors who own and operate their own businesses. This group also includes supervisors who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers classified in unit groups within the following minor groups: Machinery and Transportation Equipment Mechanics (Except Motor Vehicle) (731), Automotive Service Technicians (732) and Other Mechanics (733). They are employed in a wide range of establishments; places of employment are indicated in the unit group descriptions of the above minor groups.

Main duties
Contractors and supervisors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:
Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who repair and maintain aircraft, railway locomotives and cars, industrial machinery and equipment, construction and other heavy equipment, textile equipment, printing machines, heating equipment and furnaces, transformers and other electrical equipment, motor vehicles, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, electric appliances and other equipment, such as motorcycles, outboard motors and snowmobiles
Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
Requisition materials and supplies
Resolve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity
Train or arrange for training of workers
Recommend personnel actions such as hiring and promotions
Ensure that standards for safe working conditions are observed
Prepare production and other reports
May manage the operations of their own companies
May also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of related apprentices, helpers and labourers.

Source: Canada website