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NOC 7245 Telecommunications line and cable workers

Example Titles
access technician – telecommunication
apprentice lineman/woman – telecommunications
cable installer – telecommunications
cable repair technician – telecommunications
cable repairer – telecommunications
cable tester – telecommunications
communication line technician
communication technician – construction
communications electrician – construction craft
construction technician – cable television
construction technician – telecommunications
fibre optic cable splicer
journeyman/woman lineman/woman – telecommunications
line inspector – telecommunications
line installer – telecommunications
line installer-repairer – telecommunications
line repairer – telecommunications
lineman-technician/linewoman-technician – telecommunications
lineworker-technician – telecommunications
repair lineman/woman – telecommunications
rigger – telecommunications
section lineman/woman – telecommunications
service tracer – telecommunications
signal tracer – telecommunications
splicer – telecommunications
splicer technician – telecommunications
splicer technician – telephone
structured cabling technician
telecommunication cable installer
telecommunication cable repairer
telecommunication line construction technician
telecommunication line technician
telecommunications cable splicer
telecommunications line installer
telecommunications lineman/woman
telecontrol technologist
telephone cable splicer
telephone line and cableman/woman
telephone line technician
toll line inspector – telecommunications
toll line repairman/woman – telecommunications
toll lineman/woman – telecommunications
tracer – telecommunications
underground cable splicer – telecommunications
wire splicer – telecommunications

Lead statement
Telecommunications line and cable workers install, repair and maintain telecommunication lines and cables. They are employed by cable television companies and by telephone and other telecommunications services.

Main duties
Telecommunications line and cable workers perform some or all of the following duties:
Install, remove, maintain and repair aerial and underground telephone and other telecommunication transmission and distribution lines, cables and associated hardware
Install (but do not repair or maintain) cable television lines and cables
Splice and repair various types and sizes of telephone and other telecommunication cables including single line, coaxial and fibre optic
Inspect and test telecommunication transmission lines and cables for transmission characteristics and to locate faults
Analyze and record test results
Climb and work aloft on poles, ladders or other support structures or work in confined spaces such as trenches, tunnels and crawl spaces
Communicate with other workers to co-ordinate the preparation and completion of work assignments
Assist in the erection and removal of telecommunication poles, towers and associated support structures
May operate excavation machinery and other heavy equipment.

Source: Canada website