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NOC 6421 Retail salespersons

Example Titles
Aluminum products salesperson – retail
Aluminum siding salesperson – retail
Appliance salesperson – retail
Art sales consultant – retail
Art salesperson
Audio equipment consultant – retail
Audio equipment salesperson
Audio equipment salesperson – retail
Automobile accessories salesperson – retail
Automobile leasing agent
Automobile leasing representative
Automobile sales representative – retail
Automobile salesperson
Automobile-rental counter representative
Automotives sales consultant
Bakery clerk
Bakery counter clerk
Bakery goods sales clerk
Beer store sales clerk
Bicycle salesperson – retail
Boat and marine equipment salesperson – retail
Book salesperson – retail
Bookstore clerk – retail
Bouquet salesperson
Bridal sales consultant – retail
Bud expert – cannabis
Budtender – cannabis
Building supplies salesperson – retail
Butcher shop clerk
Cable television service salesperson
Cable-TV and pay-TV sales representative
Camera equipment salesperson – retail
Camera salesperson – retail
Cannabis consultant
Cannabis educator
Car leasing representative
Car rental agent
Car rental clerk
Car sales representative – retail
Car salesperson – retail
Card shop clerk
Car-rental counter representative
Children’s clothing sales clerk
Children’s wear sales clerk
Children’s wear salesperson – retail
China and crystal salesperson – retail
Clock shop clerk
Clothing salesperson
Clothing salesperson – retail
Commissioned salesperson – retail
Compact disc sales clerk
Computer salesperson – retail
Confectionery sales clerk
Convenience store clerk
Corner store clerk
Cosmetics salesperson – retail
Counter clerk – retail
Custom drapery salesperson – retail
Customer service sales clerk
Deli counter clerk – food store
Delicatessen clerk – retail
Delicatessen meat salesperson – retail
Department store clerk
Drapery and upholstery salesperson – retail
Drugstore clerk
Education courses salesperson
Electronics salesperson – retail
Exercise equipment consultant – retail
Fabric salesperson – retail
Film counter clerk
Film rental clerk
Fish market salesperson
Fish shop salesperson
Floor coverings salesperson – retail
Florist – retail
Florist salesperson
Florist shop salesperson
Food preparer – grocery store
Food store clerk – retail
Footwear salesperson – retail
Framing sales consultant – retail
Fruit seller
Fur salesperson – retail
Furniture and appliances salesperson – retail
Furniture sales consultant – retail
Furniture salesperson
Furniture salesperson – retail
Garden supplies sales clerk
Garments and other textile products sales representative – retail
Gift shop clerk
Greeting cards sales clerk
Hardware salesperson – retail
Hardware store clerk
Hardware store clerk – retail
Hearing aid sales consultant – retail
Hearing aid salesperson – retail
Hobby shop salesperson
Hospital television rental attendant
House trailer salesperson – retail
Household appliance salesperson – retail
Housewares salesperson – retail
Hunting guns salesperson – retail
Jewellery salesperson
Jewellery salesperson – retail
Kiosk sales clerk
Lawn and garden supplies salesperson – retail
Leather goods salesperson – retail
Lighting appliance salesperson – retail
Lighting salesperson – retail
Liquor store sales clerk
Lottery kiosk clerk
Lottery sales representative – retail
Magazine salesperson – retail
Magazine shop clerk
Meat counter clerk
Memorial salesperson – retail
Men’s clothing sales clerk
Men’s clothing salesperson – retail
Men’s wear sales clerk
Mobile home salesperson – retail
Motor vehicle leasing representative – retail
Motor vehicle salesperson – retail
Motorcycle salesperson – retail
Musical instruments and supplies salesperson – retail
Newsstand clerk
Office equipment salesperson – retail
Orthopedic shoes salesperson – retail
Paint salesperson – retail
Pastry sales clerk
Personal computer salesperson – retail
Pet store salesperson
Pharmacy clerk
Photographic equipment and supplies salesperson – retail
Photographic studio clerk
Picture framing consultant – retail
Record shop sales clerk
Record shop salesperson
Record store sales clerk
Record store salesperson
Recreational equipment rental-shop attendant
Recreational equipment salesperson – retail
Rental agent – retail
Rental clerk – retail
Rental counter representative
Retail sales associate
Retail sales clerk
Retail sales representative
Retail salesperson
Sales advisor – retail
Sales and rental clerk
Sales assistant
Sales associate
Sales associate – retail
Sales clerk
Sales consultant – retail
Sales consultant – retirement homes
Sales greeter
Sales order clerk
Sales promotion clerk
Sales representative – retail
Salesperson – retail
Scrap metal salesperson
Seafood counter clerk
Seafood sales clerk
Seafood sales clerk – retail
Sewing machine salesperson – retail
Shoe salesperson – retail
Shop clerk
Silverware salesperson – retail
Skate shop attendant
Ski shop retail clerk
Smoke shop clerk
Sporting goods rental-shop attendant
Sporting goods salesperson – retail
Storage facility rental clerk
Store clerk
Supermarket meat clerk
Telephone equipment salesperson – retail
Television cable service salesperson
Television salesperson – retail
Tire salesperson – retail
Tobacco product clerk
Tobacco shop clerk
Tool and equipment rental clerk
Toy store salesperson
Training course salesperson
Travelling salesperson – retail
Truck leasing representative
Truck rental clerk
Truck salesperson
Upholstery and furniture repair salesperson
Used-car salesperson – retail
Video equipment salesperson – retail
Video rental clerk
Wallpaper salesperson – retail
Watch sales clerk
Watch salesperson – retail
Wearing apparel salesperson – retail
Wine store sales clerk
Women’s clothing sales clerk
Women’s wear sales clerk
Yard goods salesperson – retail

Lead statement
Retail salespersons sell, rent or lease a range of technical and non-technical goods and services directly to consumers. They are employed by stores and other retail businesses, as well as wholesale businesses that sell on a retail basis to the public.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Greet customers and discuss type, quality and quantity of merchandise or services sought for purchase, rental or lease
Advise customers on use and care of merchandise, and provide advice concerning specialized products or services
Estimate or quote prices, credit terms, trade-in allowances, warranties and delivery dates
Prepare merchandise for purchase, rental or lease
Prepare sales, rental or leasing contracts and accept cash, cheque, credit card or automatic debit payment
Assist in display of merchandise
Maintain sales records for inventory control
Operate computerized inventory record keeping and re-ordering systems
May conduct sales transactions through Internet-based electronic commerce.

Retail salespersons may specialize and act as consultants in home entertainment systems, computers and other products and services.

Source: Canada website