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NOC 6346 Funeral directors and embalmers

Example Titles
Funeral directors co-ordinate and arrange all aspects of funeral services. Embalmers prepare the remains of deceased persons for public visitation and burial. Funeral directors and embalmers are employed by funeral homes.

Lead statement
Apprentice embalmer
Assistant funeral director
Embalmer apprentice
Funeral director
Funeral home director
Funeral services director
Undertaker assistant

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Funeral directors

Consult with the family of the deceased regarding the nature of the funeral service, the disposition of the remains and funeral costs
Transfer, or arrange for the transfer of, the remains from the place of death to the funeral home
Inform survivors of benefits for which they may be eligible
Issue death notices to newspapers
Oversee the preparation of the remains, plan and schedule funeral services, co-ordinate burials and cremations and complete legal documents
Discuss and negotiate prearranged funerals with clients
Manage funeral home operations including hiring and directing staff, maintaining financial records, preparing accounts and ordering merchandise
Supervise embalmers, funeral home attendants and other funeral home staff
May perform same duties as embalmers.


Preserve, sanitize and prepare human remains for funeral services
Perform cosmetic and restorative work on human remains
Supervise funeral home attendants and other funeral home staff.

Source: Canada website