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NOC 5224 Broadcast technicians

Example Titles
broadcast engineer
broadcast field technician
broadcast maintenance technician
broadcast technician
broadcast transmitter operator
broadcasting control operator
broadcasting engineer
broadcasting switcher
broadcasting technician
broadcasting transmitter operator
control room technician – broadcasting
master control room (MCR) equipment operator – broadcasting
master control room (MCR) technician – broadcasting
mobile broadcasting equipment installer
mobile broadcasting equipment operator
mobile radio broadcasting supervisor
production switcher
radio broadcasting equipment operator supervisor
regional transmitter technician
short-wave receiving station technician
television broadcasting equipment operator supervisor
television switcher
transmission operator
transmission studio control operator
transmitter operator
transmitting operator
video control operator
video transmission operator
video transmission studio control operator

Lead statement
Broadcast technicians install, set up, test, operate and repair electronic equipment used to record and transmit live and taped radio and television programs and to produce audio and video streaming broadcasts for the Internet. They are employed by radio and television broadcasting networks and stations, by broadcast equipment companies and by Internet-based communication providers.

Main duties
Broadcast technicians perform some or all of the following duties:
Monitor broadcast quality of live and taped radio and television programs
Operate and monitor radio and television broadcasting systems to broadcast, receive signals and to regulate clarity and range of sounds and colours of recordings or broadcasts
Operate broadcast equipment to produce audio and video streaming broadcasts for the Internet
Make emergency repairs to equipment and substitute programs in case of signal failure
Maintain, install and troubleshoot a wide variety of broadcast hardware and software
Set up and operate consoles to pick up and select feed sources from different locations and to air radio or television programs and commercials
May supervise other broadcast technicians.

Source: Canada website