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NOC 5222 Film and video camera operators

Example Titles
assistant camera operator
camera operator
dance videographer
electronic field production (EFP) camera operator
electronic news gathering (ENG) camera operator
film camera operator
film cameraman/woman
motion picture camera operator
news camera operator
senior motion picture camera operator
studio camera operator
television camera operator
television news camera operator
video camera operator

Lead statement
Film and video camera operators operate motion picture and video cameras and related equipment to record news, live events, films, videos and television broadcasts. They are employed by television networks and stations, motion picture and video production companies and in-house communications facilities of large corporations.

Main duties
Film and video camera operators perform some or all of the following duties:
Meet with director and senior members of camera crew to discuss assignment and determine filming sequences, camera movements and picture composition
Select and set up camera equipment to be used and attach lens, filters and film magazine to camera
Adjust focus, exposure, lighting and other camera settings
Operate film or video camera to record news, live events, films, videos and television broadcasts
Label and record contents of exposed film, and complete report sheets
Test, maintain and store equipment.

Source: Canada website