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NOC 5135 Actors and comedians

Example Titles
acting teacher – private or studio
diction coach
drama actor
drama coach
drama teacher – private or studio
dramatic arts teacher – private or studio
dramatic reader
film dubber
humorist – performing arts
movie actor
performing arts extra
reader – performing arts
standardized patient
stand-up comedian
story teller
straight man
voice coach
voice-over actor

Lead statement
Actors and comedians perform roles in motion picture, television, theatre and radio productions to entertain a variety of audiences. They are employed by motion picture, television, theatre and other production companies. This unit group includes acting teachers employed by private acting schools.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Actors and comedians

Study and rehearse lines, gestures and expressions to interpret a role
Portray roles in video or motion picture productions, television shows, theatre productions, radio dramas, commercials and other productions or perform the narration
Sing or dance as required by specific roles
Perform comedy acts in nightclubs alone or as members of comedy troupes
Improvise a role.

Acting teachers

Train students in interpretation of scripts, speech, movement, and dramatic theory
Prepare acting students for specific auditions and performances.

Source: Canada website