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NOC 4156 Employment counsellors

Example Titles
Aboriginal employment developer
Aboriginal employment officer
Aboriginal employment worker
career coach
career counsellor (except education)
career development counsellor
career development facilitator
career development practitioner
career group facilitator
career resource centre co-ordinator
employment assistance officer
employment consultant
employment counsellor
employment counsellor – government services
employment group counsellor
employment outreach counsellor
employment outreach program co-ordinator
employment outreach program counsellor
employment services assessment officer
employment services group counsellor
employment services officer
job counsellor
job counsellor – government services
job search trainer
labour market information consultant
outplacement consultant
outplacement counsellor
relocation consultant
relocation counsellor
workforce adjustment officer
workforce development officer

Lead statement
Employment counsellors and career development practitioners provide assistance and information to job seeker clients on all aspects of employment search and career planning. They also provide advice and information to employer clients regarding employment issues and human resources. Employment counsellors and career development practitioners are employed by human resource departments of establishments, employment service organizations, consulting firms, correctional facilities and by federal and provincial governments. Supervisors of employment counsellors are included in this unit group.

Main duties
Employment counsellors and career development practitioners perform some or all of the following duties:
Interview clients to obtain employment history, educational background and career goals
Identify barriers to employment and assist clients with such matters as job readiness skills, job search strategies, writing résumés and preparing for job interviews
Assess need for assistance such as rehabilitation, financial aid or further training and refer clients to the appropriate services
Provide established workers with information and strategies for maintaining a job or moving within an organization, dealing with job dissatisfaction, making mid-career changes and adjusting to workplace transitions
Collect labour market information for clients regarding job openings, entry and skill requirements and other occupational information
Advise employers on human resource and other employment-related issues
Provide consulting services to community groups and agencies, businesses, industry and other organizations involved in providing community-based career planning support or resources
May administer and interpret tests designed to determine the interests, aptitudes and abilities of clients.

Source: Canada website