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NOC 0912 Utilities managers

Example Titles
compost facility manager
compressor station manager
director of waste management
director of water pollution control
distribution network director – utilities
distribution operations manager – utilities
distribution systems director – utilities
division manager – petroleum distribution
electric generating plant manager
electric generating station manager
electric power plant manager
electric power services manager
electrical power transmission operations director
gas distribution manager
gas supply manager
gas supply operations manager
hydro-electric power production plant director
hydro-electric power station director
irrigation district manager
landfill manager
liquid waste facility manager
nuclear waste manager
petroleum distribution manager
pipelines operations manager
public utilities manager
refined petroleum products distribution manager
sanitary sewer service manager
sewage disposal manager
sewage plant manager
sewage treatment plant manager
sewage treatment system director
solid waste processing district manager
solid waste processing manager
solid waste processing operations planning manager
transmission lines manager
transmission operations director – utilities
waste management director
waste water treatment system director
water department director
water distribution manager
water filtration plant manager
water pollution control director
water supply director
waterworks director
waterworks manager
waterworks superintendent

Lead statement
This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of utility companies or services of heating fuel distribution companies. The services provided include treatment of water and waste, distribution of water, electricity, natural gas and heating oil to residential, commercial and industrial consumers, waste disposal and waste recycling. Utilities managers are employed in public and private sector utilities and in heating fuel distribution companies.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:
Water supply managers
manage water filtration, purification processes and pumping operations, schedule and oversee the maintenance of plant equipment and prepare reports on water supply and water quality.
Electrical power distribution managers
manage the operations of electrical power distribution systems including generating stations, transmission stations and distribution networks. They may also plan and direct the distribution activities of a municipal electrical power establishment.
Natural gas supply managers
manage the delivery of gas to consumers, monitor supply inventories and control the recording of injections and withdrawals.
Petroleum product distribution managers
plan and direct the distribution of heating oil products to retail distributors and regional storage sites.
Water pollution control managers
manage the operations of a sewage treatment plant, schedule and direct maintenance of plant equipment, and prepare reports on water quality.
Waste systems managers
manage solid or liquid waste collection and disposal systems, train drivers in how to handle waste and ensure safe operation of disposal facilities.

Source: Canada website