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NOC 0731 Managers in transportation

Example Titles
air freight manager
airline division manager
airline division superintendent
airline express manager
airline fleet operations manager
airline flight schedule design manager
airline manager
airline superintendent
assistant general agent – railway
assistant superintendent – railway
assistant traffic manager – transportation
assistant transportation manager
bus company manager
cartage company manager
corporate traffic manager – transportation
corporate transportation manager
cruise ship line manager
current schedule planning manager – airline
director of logistics – transportation
director of operations – transportation
director of traffic – transportation
director of transportation
distribution and warehousing manager
distribution director
distribution manager – logistics
distribution operations manager – logistics
distribution services manager
export traffic manager
ferry operations manager
ferry superintendent
flight operations director
flight operations manager
flight schedulers manager
freight company manager
freight division manager
freight forwarder
freight forwarding manager
freight traffic manager
general traffic manager – transportation
general transportation manager
import traffic manager
integrated logistics manager
international traffic manager
logistics director – transportation
logistics manager – transportation
marine operations manager
marine operations superintendent
marine superintendent
marine transportation operations manager
motor transport manager
moving company manager
ocean freight manager
port captain – water transport
rail operations superintendent
rail transport manager
railway division superintendent
railway freight manager
railway manager
railway passenger operations manager
railway transport area manager
railway transport general agent
ramp manager – airline
runway manager
ship line manager
ship management operations manager
shipping and warehousing service manager
shipping services manager
shore captain – water transport
superintendent of transportation
tow truck company manager
traffic and transportation assistant manager
traffic manager – transport
traffic manager – transportation
traffic manager – water transport
transfer company manager
transport department manager
transportation and traffic manager
transportation director
transportation fleet manager
transportation logistics manager
transportation management director
transportation manager
transportation superintendent
travel and relocation department manager
urban transit system manager
water transport manager

Lead statement
Managers in transportation operations plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of transportation companies such as railways, airlines, bus lines, municipal transit systems, shipping lines and trucking companies, under the direction of a general manager or another senior manager. Managers in transportation freight traffic plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate companies or departments responsible for the transportation and movement of goods, under the direction of a general manager or another senior manager. They are employed by transportation, freight forwarding and shipping companies and by transportation departments of companies in retail and manufacturing sectors and utilities.

Main duties
This group performs some or all of the following duties:

Managers in transportation operations

Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a transportation company
Set operations policies and standards, including determination of safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods, and ensure compliance with transport regulations
Oversee the dispatch, maintenance and service of vehicles, vessels or aircraft
Control the company or departmental budget, including acquisitions
Monitor company’s or department’s performance, prepare reports for senior management, and plan for changes to schedules and policies
Recruit personnel and oversee their training.

Managers in transportation freight traffic

Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of companies or departments responsible for co-ordinating, arranging and monitoring the transportation and movement of goods
Arrange for shipping documentation and oversee the scheduling and dispatching of goods and the tracking and tracing of goods in transit
Set performance goals, oversee the setting of transportation service rates and monitor revenue
Develop plans and procedures for the transportation and storage of goods
Negotiate with carriers, warehouse operators and insurance company representatives for services and preferential rates
Control the departmental budget
Recruit personnel and oversee their training.

Source: Canada website