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NOC 0414 Other managers in public administration

Example Titles
bilateral relations chief
Cabinet relations director
Cabinet relations manager
chief of protocol
Clerk – Legislative Assembly
clerk of the committee – Legislative Assembly
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Deputy Clerk of the House of Commons
Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
director of public works
disaster relief services co-ordinator
Elections Canada director
elections expenses director
elections finances director
elections planning director
emergency management co-ordinator – government services
emergency measures manager – government services
emergency response co-ordinator – government services
emergency response services director
emergency safety manager – government services
federal-provincial relations chief
federal-provincial relations director
House of Commons administrator
intergovernmental affairs chief
intergovernmental affairs director
intergovernmental relations chief
intergovernmental relations director
international relations chief – government
international relations director – government
interprovincial relations chief
Legislative Assembly services director
legislative services director
parliamentary services director
principal clerk of legislative committees
Principal Clerk of the House of Commons
Principal Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
public works director
public works superintendent

Lead statement
Managers in this unit group plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the development of policies and programs which govern the daily operations of legislatures and other activities unique to government such as intergovernmental affairs and elections. They are employed by all levels of government.

Main duties
Managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:
Participate in the development of policies and programs by providing advice to senior government managers of legislatures or departments or agencies involved in activities unique to government
Organize government unit or agency and establish procedures to meet objectives set by senior management
Direct and advise professional and non-professional staff conducting research, preparing documents or providing administrative support
Plan, administer and control research and administration budgets for projects, programs, equipment and supplies
Organize and direct committees and working groups to plan, manage or evaluate projects and programs
Interview, hire and provide training for staff.

Source: Canada website