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Parent and Grandparent Super Visa applicants are allowed to get a medical exam before submitting the application. This will considerably speed up the processing of the application because:

  • The applicant will not have to wait for the Visa Office to request for a medical exam
  • Oftentimes there is a wait to see a Panel Physician
  • The applicant can seek treatment right away in case the Panel Physician finds an illness. e.g., tuberculosis which requires 6-9 months of treatment

If you would like to have a personal copy of the medical exam results, you should ask the Panel Physician while you are at the clinic. The Panel Physician will provide a document called an information sheet printout or a copy of the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form which you will NEED to include in your application. This document is valid for 12 months, it confirms that the applicant has done the medical exam.

Do not leave the clinic without the Information Sheet printout or the IMM1017B Upfront Medical Report form. The Visa Office will NOT accept a clinic receipt as a proof that you had done an upfront medical exam, it can only be either the Information Sheet printout or the IMM1017B Upfront Medical Report form.

How to get an Upfront Medical Exam

Find a Panel Physician in your area. Only Panel Physicians approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada can do this exam.

Contact the Panel Physician you want to go to and make an appointment. At times, you can directly go to the clinic where they do “first come, first served” service policy. In this case, strive to arrive as early as possible to avoid having to go back again the next day.

When you are at the clinic or making an appointment over the phone, make sure you emphasize that you want to do an “Upfront Medical Exam”. Since this is a fairly uncommon request from applicants, they may insist on asking for the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E). The Medical Report form (IMM 1017E) is only provided by the visa officer when requesting for a medical exam. You will not have possession of the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E) because you are getting the medical exam before submitting the application.

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