Caregiver Overview

Under the two new caregiver pilot programs, caregivers can now immediately bring the spouse and eligible dependent children to Canada – you will arrive together in Canada.

1. The caregiver’s spouse and dependent children can apply for an open work permit or a study permit.
2. The caregiver can switch employers without the need of getting another work permit for as long as you remain to work as a home child care provider or a home support worker.
3. The caregiver must work for a total of 24 months on a full-time basis within 36 months of receiving the initial home care provider work or home support worker permit.


1. You’ll need an offer of employment.
2. Get a CLB 5 mark on your language test.
3. If you went to school outside of Canada, you’ll need your school credentials evaluated.
4. You’ll need to undergo a medical exam along with your accompanying family members, provide police certificates and the usual security requirements.
5. You’ll need to be able to prove that you are able to do the duties and responsibilities of a home child care provider or home support worker.


The published processing time is 12 months from receipt of a completed application.


The prevailing wages for caregivers in Canada who look after children is CAD$11 – 20 per hour. The prevailing wages for caregivers in Canada who look after seniors is CAD$12 -23 per hour. The minimum hours you will work is 30 hours per week (it cannot go less than 30 hours per week). You will also be paid extra (at 1.5 x your hourly rate) if you work overtime hours. Generally, anything beyond 44 hours is considered overtime hours.

Canadian families treat their caregivers like family members and give equal respect. In Canada, everyone is treated equally regardless of your financial status, work, or background. As well, your personal time is your own – your working hours will be specified in the employment contract, any hours outside of that is your own personal time and you can spend it however you prefer.

We help find a potential employer for you

We keep a database of highly qualified candidates for a potential employer to use when searching for a caregiver that will fit their needs. When a potential employer chooses an interview with you, we will contact you immediately to coordinate a time for you to do a video conference or phone interview with the potential employer. We will also contact you if a potential employer wants clarification or more information about your profile.