Applying for a US non-immigrant visa in Canada

For Filipino citizens who have permanent resident (PR) status in Canada and are looking to escape Canada’s winter (at least for a week or so), the idea of visiting the warmer states in the US can sound enticing. This article will give you the information you need to apply for a US non-immigrant visa.

To complete your application online, you will need the following:

1. A valid passport.
2. One 2 x 2 colored photo in digital format. You will also need the paper photo when you go for the interview.
3. A credit card to pay the $160 fee. A payment is required in order to book an interview appointment.

The first step is to complete and submit the DS-160 visa application form. You will be applying for the non-immigrant visa B category. Additional instructions regarding the succeeding steps will be provided as you reach each stage of the application.

Make sure that you note the generated DS-160 Number as you will need this number to retrieve your application. Someone else can help you complete the application but it is required that the applicant must be the one to electronically sign and submit the application online.

Non-immigrant visa (B1/B2) applicants are required to appear for an interview. Ensure that you choose the location that is convenient for you to travel to for the interview when you start your application form. There are 7 Consular section locations to choose from: Calgary, Toronto, Quebec, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

Tip: When an applicant cancels an appointment, that time slot becomes immediately available in the system. If your desired interview schedule is unavailable and if you have the patience, you can keep on refreshing the appointment page to catch those time slots.

Fill out the DS-160: Online Non-immigrant Visa Application.