Somerset Immigration Services

Applying for a Canadian visa involves planning, preparation and ensuring that you submit a completed and compelling visa application.

You can find all the information about how to submit a Canadian visa application on Canada’s official website. However, increasing your chances of success involves more than just knowing what the general requirements are and how to submit your application.

Whether you are applying for a visa to stay in Canada temporarily or permanently, you need to have the best plan. The first step is to realize that your situation is unique and it calls for a tailored approach on how you will get that visa application approval.

How to start working with us

We serve clients around the world. It is not necessary for you to appear to us in person. Most Canadian visa applications are submitted online, we require that you have access to a camera or a scanner to produce electronic copies of your original documents. For visa applications that can only be submitted on paper and citizenship applications, we can either provide you with instructions on how to send the completed application or we can send the application for you.

Benefits of getting a Canadian immigration consultant to help with your visa application

The immigration consultant will gather all information about your situation, information that you may not be aware but are actually relevant to your visa application. Those little details that you think are irrelevant, when combined, can prove to be helpful in creating a stronger application. After analyzing your situation, we will come up with options and choose the best strategy.

We will provide instructions on what you need to do, complete your immigration forms for you so it is mistake-free, and ensure that your application is completed prior to submission. Once your application is submitted, we will correspond with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on your behalf until a decision is made. If a visa interview is required, we will prepare you for it.

Our service costs differ based on your needs and the type of visa application. Ask about the cost of our services.

Refused Applications

We understand that getting a refusal after hoping so much for a positive result can be overwhelmingly disappointing. Individuals whose applications were refused often go through one or more of the following emotions:

  • Confusion – you do not understand what just happened or wonder what went wrong
  • Feeling rejected – you know you are genuine and so you feel that perhaps you’re just not good enough for Canada
  • Feeling misunderstood – you feel that the reviewing visa officer was incorrect in his or her reason/s for refusal
  • Feeling of relief – you were only taking a chance if your application will be approved and is just glad that the wait for a decision is over
  • Feeling positive – you feel that you can easily overcome the refusal reason/s by providing additional documentation
  • Feeling discouraged – you feel there is no hope (this is especially true to those who have received multiple refusals)

If you received a refusal once or multiple times already, there could still be hope to reach your goal.

Get the opinion of an immigration practitioner and make that informed decision on what to do next. We will first investigate on the reasons for the refusal and assess your chances of getting an approval. We may be able to also identify other available avenues.

Should you reapply with the help of an immigration consultant?

Immigration consultants are aware of what a visa officer is looking for to approve or refuse an application. Due to this, you will get the advice on how to position your case under the best possible light, so it is easier for the visa officer to approve your application. Remember that when a visa officer remains unconvinced of your eligibility, this often results in another application refusal. So overcoming those reasons for refusal is essential. An immigration consultant can also submit an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) online request on your behalf.


You need to discover the best possible strategy to come close to getting that visa approval. If you have the financial means, asking an immigration professional to look after all aspects of your visa application is worth it. Or you can hire an immigration professional to do only the specific tasks that you require, this is still more effective than doing the application on your own..