NOC 6332 Bakers

Example Titles apprentice baker – retail bagel baker bagel maker baker baker – retail baker apprentice bakery bench hand bakery supervisor bakery supervisor – retail biscuit baker bread baker bread baker – retail cake and pastry decorator – retail cake baker – retail cake decorator cake decorator – retail cake icer chocolate maker donut baker … Read More

NOC 6331 Butchers, meat cutters and fishmongers – retail and wholesale

Example Titles apprentice butcher – retail or wholesale butcher – butcher shop butcher – delicatessen butcher – retail or wholesale butcher – wholesale butcher apprentice fishmonger grocery store butcher head butcher – retail head butcher – retail or wholesale head butcher – wholesale meat cutter – retail or wholesale meat portion cutter – retail or … Read More

NOC 6322 Cooks

Example Titles apprentice cook assistant cook banquet cook breakfast cook broiler cook cafeteria cook camp cook caterer cook construction camp cook cook diet kitchen cook dietary cook domestic cook ethnic food cook first cook fishing and merchant vessel cook grill cook hospital cook institutional cook journeyman/woman cook kosher foods cook licensed cook line cook logging … Read More

NOC 6321 Chefs

Example Titles assistant chef banquet chef chef chef de cuisine chef de partie chef pâtissier cold foods chef corporate chef entremetier executive chef executive sous-chef first sous-chef garde-manger chef head chef head rotisseur master chef meat chef meat, poultry and fish chef pasta chef pastry chef rotisserie chef saucier second chef sous-chef specialist chef specialty … Read More

NOC 9243 Water and waste treatment plant operators

Example Titles environmental systems operator – water treatment filter plant operator – water treatment filtration plant controller – water treatment industrial waste treatment plant operator liquid waste process operator liquid waste processing plant operator liquid waste treatment plant operator pump station operator – water treatment pumphouse operator – water treatment sewage plant operator sewage-processing equipment … Read More

NOC 9241 Power engineers and power systems operators

Example Titles air compressor operator air conditioning system operator apprentice power dispatcher apprentice power dispatcher – electrical power systems apprentice power engineer apprentice stationary engineer area dispatch chief operator area dispatch chief operator – electrical power systems area load centre dispatcher automated substation operator – electrical power systems auxiliary equipment operator auxiliary plant operator biomass … Read More

NOC 9235 Pulping, papermaking and coating control operators

Example Titles batch operator – pulp and paper beater engineer – pulp and paper beater room lead hand – pulp and paper bleach plant operator – pulp and paper control room operator – pulp and paper cooking systems operator – pulp and paper cylinder machine operator – pulp and paper panel operator – pulp and … Read More

NOC 9232 Central control and process operators, petroleum, gas and chemical processing

Example Titles absorption operator absorption plant operator acid mixer operator acid plant operator alkylation chief operator alkylation operator alkylation tower tender alum-liquor plant operator ammonia plant operator antibiotics fermenter assistant operator – chemical processing batching chemical process operator batching process chief operator battery operator – oil and gas benzol agitator operator bitumen extraction plant operator … Read More

NOC 9231 Central control and process operators, mineral and metal processing

Example Titles alloy control operator – zinc casting bar mill finisher – primary metal processing billet mill roller – primary metal processing blast furnace operator blast furnaceman/woman blooming mill roller breakdown mill operator central control caster central control caster – primary metal processing central control operator – cement manufacturing central control room operator – primary … Read More

NOC 9227 Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly

Example Titles baby carriage assembly foreman/woman bench assemblers foreman/woman – wood products manufacturing bicycle assembly foreman/woman bicycle assembly supervisor brush making foreman/woman candle making foreman/woman clock and watch assembly foreman/woman clock and watch assembly repairers foreman/woman clock and watch assembly repairers supervisor clock and watch assembly supervisor clock and watch inspection foreman/woman controlling and recording … Read More

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