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Canada is your best destination.

Seth Gozo is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

“Helping people make Canada their new home is my passion. I especially enjoy working with clients who have the burning desire to start a new life in Canada. If you have the will, there is almost always a way!

Connect with me and my team today, we will find your pathway to Canada. We speak English, Tagalog, Cebuano, Tamil and Hindi.”


I want to visit

When entering Canada as a visitor, you may need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a temporary resident visa (TRV).

I want to study

Studying in Canada for more than six months? You will need a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution to apply for a study permit.

I want to immigrate

Work and live in Canada. Demonstrate your ability to become economically successful in Canada to get an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

I want to extend my stay

Loving your stay in Canada? You must apply to extend your stay. Always make sure that you have the right authorization to remain in Canada.

I want to sponsor

Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor their spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents and relatives.

Apply for Citizenship

Apply for Canadian citizenship ASAP. Canadian citizens may vote during elections and are not subject to the physical presence requirement.

Our Promise

The success of your application is our first priority.

From the moment you sign up, we start the process immediately. We work around the clock to get your application done as soon as possible.

Once you are in Canada either as a visitor, student, worker or immigrant, we are available to answer your immigration and settlement questions at no extra cost.